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PostSubject: Zanpaktuo   Fri Apr 18, 2008 12:37 am

i have an idea of a new Zanpaktuo Fire ring Flame Dragon Double swords/blades i got his idea from Toushiro's zanpaktuo Ice Ring/Ice Dragon sorry i cant give more info on my idea i haven't had much time to think of anymore details at this moment with me working over 18 hrs a day i barely have time to get on my computer anymore. if you need more details on my idea please let me know and i'll be glad to provide. p.s. if you and your staff take my idea in to thought could i be the first one to recive it since i had the idea.p.p.s when the server is up please inform me i can't wait to play SRC.. Thanks and best of luck to you and staff on creating the game I KNOW IT WILL RULE...
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