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 Bleach Online Information

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PostSubject: Bleach Online Information   Wed Aug 29, 2007 10:49 pm

Bleach Online is a game made by Otonin Productions in 2005 based on , the anime/manga , Bleach by Tite Kubo. The orginal version of Bleach Online has been down for some time now , but recently me and Zero ( one of the other owners of Otonin Productions ) have been trying to bring it back into a even better revamped ( remade ) version. I will post the class in a tree format bellow and talk about two of the systems that will help you play the game more effectively.

-= The Classes =-

Unlike many other games in Bleach Online you don't chose your race/class during character creation. So that means everybody starts out as a Human. This by all means doesn't mean you stay a Human although you can if you wish. Later on I will make guides for the basics two classes ( Hollow and Shinigami ). But the more advanced classes ( Empowered Human , Quincy , Bountu , Aarancar , Vaizard ) , well I'll just let you figure them out king . Anyways here are the classes in a tree format.

- Human
- Empowered Human
- Chad Type
- Inoue Type
- Bountu
- Quincy
- Soul
- Shinigami
- Vaizard
- Hollow
- Aarancar

-= The Systems =-

Bleach Online has two major systems which every player must attempt to understand. These two systems being the "Soul" system and the "Flash Step " system.

"Soul" system - This is basically what makes Souls and other spiritual entities invisible to players who don't have enough Reiatsu ( Spirit Power ) to see them. If you can't see someone or something than "it" and you cannot attack one an other. Also if you can't see "it" you can walk through "it".

"Flash Step" system - This is one of the more impressive systems in the game. By using your HouHou ( movement skill ) you become invisible, while moving and not attacking, to people with lower Houhou than yourself. Also with synchronizers working in the background all variations of Flash Step will eventually match up.


-Byakuya Sig. by Zeketsu
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Bleach Online Information
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